About Texas Gold

Texas Gold is the premier domestic brand of wild caught shrimp. Everything we do is about quality. From the way our shrimp is handled on our boats, to the way Texas Gold is packaged; we do everything possible to ensure Texas Gold is the best.

All Texas Gold shrimp is headed on our boats, placed in protective baskets and frozen onboard each vessel as quickly as possible. The consistency of Texas Gold starts with the care and attention to detail our boat crews put into handling Texas Gold shrimp once it is caught and onboard our boats.

Every time a boat returns to our docks, our trained staff carefully unload and weigh all Texas Gold shrimp. Once complete, all Texas Gold shrimp is loaded onto trucks and delivered to our packaging facility in Port Isabel, TX.

We also have very stringent processing specifications, and our shrimp go through 3 separate quality control checks during the grading and packaging process. We are very particular about what is placed in our label because we want to provide only the best shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico.