Texas Gulf Trawling is a family owned unloading and fueling facility for shrimp trawlers that was started in 1979. Originally established in Port Isabel, the company relocated to the Brownsville Shrimp Basin in 2010. The vessels at our facility are industry leaders in handling and preserving a fresh frozen product on board to ensure the delivery of top quality Texas shrimp directly from the boat to our customers. Our family has been a part of the shrimp industry for over 60 years, spanning four generations.  This family aspect carries over to the boats as many of the crew members are second and third generation shrimpers themselves. 

The majority of the shrimp unloaded from the vessels is put up for bids on the open market and sold to domestic shrimp brokers. However, upon relocating to the Shrimp Basin, we started to retail a small portion of the catch directly to the customers on site.

live caught fresh shrimp